Surveillance Cameras

CHSHS Surveillance Cameras New Orleans LA

Surveillance cameras are essential for successful security and monitoring system for your home.

Do you need to get your IP-based system or video surveillance camera system serviced?

We offer repair and support services for IP surveillance, system maintenance, CCTV along with security camera installation.

Everyone wants to keep their property, belongings and family safe. However, many people shy away from home security solutions due to the associated costs.

We believe that our customers shouldn't have to pay exorbitant prices to feel safe and this is the reason that home security solutions offered by us are really popular with our customers as they do not need to sign any contracts and there are no monthly fees.

Here at CHSHS, you will find a comprehensive range of specialty CCTV cameras as well as surveillance cameras. We carry a variety of security camera options in various form factor, both network IP and analog, to meet the needs of our clients within their budget.

If you need remote monitoring, surveillance and security for your residential property, we are here to offer you the right security camera for your surveillance and security needs.

The Digital IP Video Surveillance System that we offer can be completely integrated in your network which means you can conveniently access all the security system from anywhere in the world.

The antiquated analog security systems required direct power to each camera which is not the case with our modern camera systems which means your business saves a lot of money on your security system energy cost.

This also means labor cost saving for our customers as less time is spent on installation.

A monitored home security system costs a lot of money over time even without accounting for the potential costs of false alarms. On the other hand, you can access our video security systems from anywhere in the world.

You may also set preferences to get alerts which means you will always be aware of everything going on in your home and you will get peace of mind that your family is safe.

Our surveillance camera repair service gives you peace of mind and the control you need.

If you already have home automation systems installed, we can combine our surveillance system with the automation systems and security or we can design a package to meet all of your security requirements including:

  • Conversion of analog video to digital
  • Conversion of surveillance cameras
  • Installation/repair/service/expansion of existing security systems
  • Video and notification systems triggered by motion or as per set preferences
  • Standalone NVR, DVR and camera systems with or without remote access
  • Smartphone security system and remote surveillance apps
  • Surveillance video cameras for home
  • Alarm cameras with smart phone, Mac and personal computer access

We have a highly experienced team of reliable security system professionals that will help you choose the right home security solution to meet your unique security needs in an effective manner.

All the advanced security equipment we deliver is rigorously tested and is proven to deliver the highest level of secure protection. You can rest assured that you will remain secure when you work with us, irrespective of the security system you choose.

Our team of professionals is always there to help you from the first day of contact through to the installation of security system as well as beyond.

Give us a call today!

Our priority is to make your home safest at the lowest price.

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