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When you speak of dangerous cities in America, New Orleans is always included. Crime rates are outrageously high in this place compared to other cities within the country.

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People looking around for a new home or a place to headquarter their businesses often shun the idea of moving to New Orleans, fearing for their lives and their property’s safety. Crimes abound in every nook and cranny of the area, with murders, thefts, and burglary knocking out humble residents and high-profile people alike.

With such a massive crime problem to solve many people wonder how residents in the area protect themselves, their families, businesses, and properties. Home video surveillance systems, house alarms, and automation business security video systems have been largely helpful in protecting citizens and helping local police identify suspects quickly.

The right systems installed by reputable security companies will help save lives and properties in the area. Read on to find out more about how to secure your safety and how CHSHS Combined Security Systems can help you with this.

Crime in New Orleans – Improving or Getting Worse?

Crime statistics has been consistently high for several decades since the 1970s until now. For instance, New Orleans crime index was at 3.1/10 last 2017. Crime risk for personal crime, murder, and property crime has remained high in the area, with a staggering 146 murders recorded by the end of 2018 and property crimes such as theft and burglary rising up in 2019’s first quarter, 17% higher than in 2018.

Police claim a significant drop in local crime statistics specifically in murder rates. 2018 closed with 146 murders in the area, a record-smashing 47-year low since 1971. They largely credit this success to the strategies they use to identify and arrest suspects with the aid of security cameras, video surveillance system, and CCTV cameras spread across homes, businesses, and streets.

But it should be noted that the drop in murder cases happened during a time when the population in New Orleans dipped down to 417,000 people. Computing the murder rate shows that 2018 closed with a whopping 35 people killed per 100,000 population. Compare that to the 1971 statistics, where 116 murders in a city population of 593,000 meant that the murder rate before was 19.5 persons killed for every 100,000 people.

Meanwhile, property crime rates continue to soar in the area. Police District reported a 17% increase in theft and burglary during the first quarter of 2019. Sadly, this comes despite efforts to strengthen commercial security and burglar alarm systems across the city.

Why Install a Home Security System?

Home Security Systems With Lock

Residents often install home monitoring systems to help them lessen risks of both property crimes and violent crimes. But not all people are convinced to install such kinds of security monitoring in their homes, citing that they’ll just use the local alarm service in case they encounter a criminal or thief. There’s nothing wrong with the local alarms, but a personal house alarm system is an added layer of protection for your loved ones and possessions.

Here are some more reasons why you should strongly consider installing home security systems:

Better Peace of Mind

Nothing can be more anxiety-inducing than living in a city brimming with murder cases, burglaries, and property theft. A resident without a home security system has no exact way to monitor his house, loved ones, and possessions while he is at work, on vacation, or elsewhere away from the city.

A home security camera system provides you with peace of mind knowing that there’s an eye keeping watch on potential crimes committed inside, outside, and around your home.

Surveillance systems provided by a reputable home security company such as CHSHS Combined Security Systems automatically alerts you, the monitoring company, and the local police authorities whenever it detects emergencies associated with crimes, smokes, and fires. Such systems also use advanced technologies to help you monitor your home’s status via computer or smart phone.

With a good security alarm system in place, you can rest easy knowing that your family and properties are constantly monitored and protected from unwanted crimes or fires even while you’re away.

Protection from Smoke and Fire

And yes, you’ve read that right: home monitoring systems have the capacity to detect smoke and impending fire. Modern monitoring systems like those offered by CHSHS Combined Security Systems provide fire protection services as part of their anti-theft and crime home alarm system package.

As you know, fires typically start with a simple kitchen mishap, electrical issues, or forgotten lit matches and candles. Fire can quickly spread and engulf your home and the surrounding buildings and houses. A modern wireless home security system can easily protect your family and community from fires within and around your home.

A wireless alarm system consists of a fire control panel connected to smoke detectors with built-in sensitive temperature detectors. Fire alert signals are transmitted from the detector through the control panel via radio frequency waves. The control panel then activates the sounders and flashers, alerting people of an impending or actual fire and causing them to evacuate as soon as possible.

Prevent Crimes from Happening

Another good reason to install a home security system is that it can immediately help prevent crime even before it starts happening.

Take this example: A thief has spotted your home and is preparing to break-in. If you have a monitoring system with outdoor home security cameras and indoor and outdoor lights, you can quickly spot any suspicious-looking person from inside your home, alert the authorities right away, and prevent the theft even before it is attempted by the suspect.

Carbon monoxide poisoning cases can also possibly be prevented through alarm monitored systems. Couple that with fire protection systems and you can just save your loved one’s life from a fatal poisoning crime or incident.

Of course, not all crimes are preventable this way. But closed-circuit security cameras installed outside your home can definitely ramp up your protection and nip crimes in the bud as much as it can.

Aid in Police Investigations

Wireless Alarm Protection System

Should your family or community be a victim of a crime, a wireless security camera system can be extremely helpful in police investigations. Authorities retrieve video footage taken at the crime scene and determine the circumstances and suspects connected to the crime. All these aid in eventually prosecuting the criminals.

The advent of wireless alarm security systems and accompanying Wi-Fi surveillance cameras has made video sharing easier with the authorities. Several police departments have adopted footage-sharing programs in partnership with the entire community. These formal programs ask community members to voluntarily share video footage's caught in their respective surveillance equipment through the following channels:

  • Facebook groups
  • Email lists
  • Specialized apps such as Nextdoor and Neighbors
  • Camera registry programs
  • Case-to-case sharing

New Orleans has a network of cameras overlooking crime hotspots, major streets, and intersections and feeding all the information into a centralized camera monitoring system. But residents and groups are increasing the protection further for their communities through the following efforts:

  • Registering their personal home surveillance cameras in New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation’s SafeCam NOLA program
  • Participating in NOLA Partnership for Public Safety and Peace’s 21st Century Neighborhood Watch program
  • Co-surveillance efforts from ProjectNOLA with a network of 2,200 cameras outside participating houses and business buildings

A security home automation business like CHSHS Combined Security Systems can provide you with clear surveillance cameras to keep watch over your home and its surroundings. These are high-end digital CCTV cameras that can easily send important footage and information to the proper authorities in the event of a crime or fire.

Value for Money

Home security systems are expensive, but they offer value for money in relation to the lives it can save once it is properly used.

Some people see the expensive cost of a wireless alarm system, home alarm, and home automation services and cringe at the thought of having such technology installed in their homes. Yes, they know all this equipment can help them during an emergency. But still they choose not to purchase it, stating that they’ve never experienced a crime or fire before and they most likely never will.

However, it’s best to stay on the safe side. This city is frankly not the safest city in America. Crime statistics fall a bit, but then rise back up again and are considerably higher than in other cities. Being a resident here requires lots of guts as well as an added layer of protection that only a home surveillance video system can provide.

Most companies offer a month monitoring contract where you pay monthly for the surveillance services, equipment, and installation. Others have annual contracts, whereas some do not offer any contracts.

Prices for installing home monitoring systems may start in the hundred-dollar range. It widely varies per provider, but it typically rises with the inclusion of other services such as:

  • Wireless home security systems
  • Home alarms
  • Fire protection equipment
  • Storm shutters

The money you’ll invest in installing a surveillance and alarm system could be well worth it because it’s for safeguarding yourself, your loved ones, and all your hard-earned belongings.

Wrapping It All Up

Home security systems are crucial to ensuring the protection of your family and your community in New Orleans. There are many advantages to having a surveillance and alarm system in your home, including:

  • Protection from crimes and fire
  • Quick prevention of crimes even before they happen
  • Enhanced peace of mind
  • Better cooperation with the police and authorities in case of an actual crime
  • Excellent value for money

Crimes sprout everywhere like mushrooms and fire hazards can be found anywhere within a home. So, it’s indeed a sound idea to install a home video surveillance system provided by a reputable company like CHSHS Combined Security Systems.

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