Deep Sentinel Home Security System Review

Sentinel (n): A guard or soldier whose responsibility is to stand by and keep watch.

This is exactly what Deep Sentinel home security promises to do. Real-life humans and artificial intelligence (AI) technology monitor your property and home on a 24/7 basis.

A home security company has never before delivered such round-the-clock service and cutting-edge technology to the extent that Deep Sentinel does.

AI Robot Hand

However, does this technology live up to all of the hype?

Let's explore this issue.

David Selinger, the Cofounder, and CEO of Deep Sentinel is the major force being the explosive growth of the company. Before Selinger founded Deep Sentinel, he worked at Amazon in the R&D department. It is worth noting that the biggest investor of Deep Sentinel is the front-man and founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos. It definitely can help to have financial backing from the world's richest man.

Visit their website here!

The company is just three years old. However, they were able to hit the ground running by approaching home security in their unique way. While other types of home security systems depend on reactive alerts to keep your home secured, Deep Sentinel institutes a predictive and proactive solution. Suspicious activity is detected by the system and human intervention is prompted before a criminal being able to steal a package at your doorstep or gain access to your house.

The way that Deep Sentinel work is surrounding the perimeter of your house with a virtual force-field. A combination of flashing strobes, sirens, motion detectors, and surveillance cameras are always ready and on hand. The AI technology that is employed can distinguish between actual criminals with ill intent and ambient motion (such as trees swaying in wind). As soon as the system detects any suspicious activity, Agents stationed at the monitoring station will pick up a live-stream video. The company's proprietary 'HELLO' protocol will then be used by the agents. That is a proven way to tell the potential burglars or package thieves that their every move is being watched by Deep Sentinel.

Detection of the threat occurs as quickly as 10 seconds, and highly-trained agents will call the police within 20 to 30 seconds, if necessary. That is how human intervention and AI technology are combined by Deep Sentinel to provide the industry's fastest response times. Deep Sentinel may be the next best thing to having real-life guards posted around your house to keep watch over your entire family.

However, it isn't a perfect alarm system. It is not equipped with entryway sensors, which is a security component that is a staple that is offered by most other home security systems. That means if a criminal or thief somehow can get past the perimeter sensors (which is very unlikely), they may potentially be able to gain access to your house without the sounding of any alarms. That doesn't sit very well with some individuals.

Deep Sentinel is also not compatible yet with smart home automation systems from third parties. Therefore, home automation users may want to look somewhere else until this is developed into Deep Sentinel's system.

Technology & Features

24/7 Human Surveillance + Predictive AI

Person Watching Footage On Digital Tablet With Security Equipments

Video footage around your house is processed by Deep Sentinel in real-time through the use of the innovative Qualcomm's on-site SnapDragon 820 SoC processor. This footage undergoes predictive AI technology to determine whether or not there is a legitimate criminal activity threat. A trained agent then will validate and verify the footage, determine what the nature of the activity is, and take whatever action is necessary. All this occurs, of course, within just a few seconds. There are numerous benefits to this. It eliminates false alarms, enables residents to retain their privacy, and works to guarantee that help arrives as quickly as possible.

Human Intervention

One of the critical features offered by Deep Sentinel is '100% verified crime in progress.' That means agents will only intervene if a real-life threat has been detected. When and if criminal intent has been detected, the police will be contacted, and the call will receive high priority due to being a 'verified crime in progress.' This effectively eliminates false alarms.

Ultra-Fast Response Times

The development of Deep Sentinel was for the safety of communities, people, and the police. Deep Sentinel provides the industry's fastest response times for several good reasons. First of all, the situation is evaluated by trained agents who are part of the LiveSentinel program to provide the police with important information. Two-way talk and live-stream video footage are used by the agents to provide the location and count of the perpetrators along with their specific activity and behavior, and any potential threats they may pose to the police. The police can respond quickly due to the '100% Police Verified Escalation.'

Privacy Is Prioritized

Great lengths are taken by Deep Sentinel security to ensure their customers' privacy. The home security system only places cameras around your home's exterior. No cameras are placed inside that may encroach on anyone's privacy. LiveSentinel is also only capable of viewing any outside activity when there is any activity that is detected. That means agents are not able to live-stream your children while they are playing in your backyard. The company also closely monitors which streams are viewed as well as when. The top priority of Deep Sentinel is your privacy and safety.

Your Entire Property Is Covered

The approach taken by Deep Sentinel to keep bad guys off of your property is proximity protection. The suite of motion detectors and exterior cameras extend to the furthest areas of your property. That means that practically every inch of your entire property is under surveillance on a 24/7 basis. These security solutions often monitor a specific area instead of the whole property.

System Designed by the Police

The police, more than anyone else, know who to effectively stop criminals. This is why more than 50 police departments were involved in helping to create Deep Sentinel's home security system. The Deep Sentinel makers collaborated with the police as well to ensure that their service and system were developed in a way that limits threats and hazards for those who arrive on the scene. The collaboration gives consumers even more confidence in the system. The police have had their input, which helps to instill even more trust.

Modern Companion App

Deep Sentinel, like all leading home security systems, provides a quality mobile app that lets you access, control, and monitor your devices anytime and from anywhere. If you leave on vacation and forget to set the system, you don't need to worry. Deep Sentinel can be armed from either your stateside or abroad destination. You also can check the activity log which will show exactly has been viewed from your cameras by the LiveSentinel agents. The companion app that comes with Deep Sentinel allows you to have total control over your home security through the use of your smartphone.

Local Video and Audio Storage

The Deep Sentinel Hub comes in gunmetal grey and is the place where visual and audio footage is stored. When you have local storage that means your video doesn't leave your house via the internet. That also means you don't have to pay cloud storage monthly fees. Instead, your video and audio records are kept safe at your location and are available at your convenience for you to review and access.

Equipment and Products

The home security systems from Deep Sentinel come loaded with the following equipment:

  • 1 Intelligent Hub
  • 3 Security Cameras (a fourth camera may be purchased separately)
  • 3 Wall Mounts
  • 4 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Sticker Decals
  • 1 Yard Sign

The quality of the equipment is above average in all respects. However, to get a better idea of exactly what you get from Deep Sentinel, keep reading to learn more about the individual components that are part of the unique home security system from Deep Sentinel.


The Nextgen wireless cameras are made using weatherproof IP65 Housing. The cameras can withstand extreme temperatures (122 degrees to -4 degrees Fahrenheit), snow, and rain. Deep Sentinel cameras come equipped with a powerful LED Strobing Red Ring. This is a unique feature that lights up proactively whenever motion is detected to warn intruders that they are currently under surveillance. The loudest 104db siren is housed in the cameras that will cause the bad guys to flee. Deep Sentinel cameras also are equipped with a 2-way Audio for intervention. It is described by the company as quality microphones and audio speakers that allow for two-way communication. The cameras overall are highly impressive for the capabilities that they provide. However, we did hope for a clearer and more crisp image quality from them.

Intelligent Hub

This is the nerve decenter of the Deep Sentinel security system. Its modern design is an excellent addition to any house. Aside from its looks, the Hub performed just as we expected it to. As previously mentioned, it locally stores video and audio footage. It comes with 64GB of ultra-fast flash memory storage and 4GB of dedicated RAM. It is the only security system in today's market that offers on-site processing. The Hub features an impressive 10 frames per second processing speed from its Snapdragon 820 SOC processor. Video or audio is only recorded by the smart recording feature when necessary, which saves you endless hours of having to review potentially useless footage. The Intelligent Hub is also where the AI is housed. The AI has been designed so that is can eliminate false alarms. It can distinguish between say, a squirrel that is climbing a tree and a thief who is trying to steal a package. Its accuracy appears to have no serious rivals.

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries

Four quality batteries are included in each home security package offered by Deep Sentinel. The lithium-ion batteries can last up to two months on one charge. There is a built-in charging dock in the Intelligent Hub, which keeps a fourth battery charged and ready to use. The Deep Sentinel wireless cameras are of course powered by batteries. That is both a bad and good thing. It is good because it makes the setup simple without any wires to be snipped by a criminal. It is bad because the batteries need to be replaced every few months.

Wall Mounts

Below we will be discussing ease-of-use and installation. However, sturdy plastic is used to make the weatherproof wall mounts. Only one screw is required per mount, which makes setup very easy. There is nothing about these mounts that is exceptional except that they are responsible to hold the most technically advanced home security cameras in today's industry.

Sticker Decals and Yard Sign

According to the Electronic Security Association (ESA), 90% of all convicted criminals don't target houses that have security systems installed. The best way to inform a criminal that your house is armed is to use sticker decals and yard signs to advertise that fact. These important elements are included in the Deep Sentinel systems to prevent your house from becoming a target of criminals.

Ease of Use

When it comes to ease-of-use, Deep Sentinel gets high marks. It only takes a couple of minutes to physically mount the cameras. You only need a screwdriver, and perhaps a ladder, for the one-screw mounting setup. You do not need to do any configuring of the system. It comes pre-configured and all set to go. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete the setup, and getting the cameras and activated takes just a few steps.

Other than disarming and arming the alarm and reviewing the activity logs, you are not responsible for any other ongoing function. The audio and video are handled for you by the LiveSentinel agents. Unfortunately, the box does not come with any setup instructions. You will need to access them on the Deep Sentinel app. However, you shouldn't have any problems since it is very user-friendly.

Customer Service

The finest customer service is offered by Deep Sentinel. There are always LiveSentinel expert agents on hand, on a 24/7 basis, to protect your property against criminals. The service is both responsive and proactive. Police will come right away if they are needed since Deep Sentinel calls are categorized as 'high priority.' That is because LiveSentinel agents can report verified crimes in progress, instead of just suspicious activity.

A very strict protocol is followed by Deep Sentinel Agents to provide the finest service to its customers. Whenever any activity is detected, real-life humans (instead of algorithms and machines) go into the live-stream immediately and label the activity appropriately. They will either liable it as being criminal intent, trust but verify, continue to observe or dismiss it.

Those designations are broken down in the following way:

Dismissal - There is nothing to see, it could be the mailman or other harmless activity.

Continue to observe - There is a visitor on the property. It is probably not a threat. However, to make sure, LiveSentinel continues to observe.

Trust but verify - There is still unlikely to be a real threat, but it needs to be verified. The agent follows the HELLO protocol and uses the two-way voice to say 'Hello' to the individual. That helps the agent determine whether or not the individual is a threat to your family and home. The agent will sometimes take the additional step of contact you for verification purposes.

Criminal intent - These are situations where Deep Sentinel's reputation truly shines. If there is any criminal intent that is detected, the strobe lights will flash, the alarm will sound, and the agent will intervene by contacting the police within 30 seconds. Then the agent will provide police dispatchers with critical information to help find and catch the criminal. The collaboration happens in real-time and continues while the police are en-route to your home. It's like the police having eyes on the crime scene.

If you want to give it a try, click here to find out more.

So what goes into Deep Sentinel's outstanding customer service?

First, all LiveSentinel agents undergo rigorous and extensive training. The training teaches the agents exactly what they need to look for whenever they are monitoring a house. The quicker they can detect and verify a potential threat, the quicker the response time will be.

Deep Sentinel takes great pride in its ultra-fast response times. Also, LiveSentinel agents are trained on how to communicate effectively with emergency dispatchers. This includes things like communicating a suspect's physical description and awareness training.

Deep Sentinel offers very impressive technology and features. However, their home security system wouldn't work without trained agents there to evaluate the situation and then take the appropriate action in real-time. The customer service offered by Deep Sentinel is completely on-point and provides you with the assistance you need, during those times when you need it the most.

Value and Cost

So how much does Deep Sentinel cost? This is a very good question and we will be sharing all of the details with you. Just keep in mind as you are reading this that their home security system is significantly different compared to their competitors' systems.

There is both a one-up time upfront cost and a monthly subscription fee for surveillance associated with Deep Sentinel's surveillance package.

The one-time equipment charge - which comes with the Hub, 3 cameras, wall mounts, rechargeable batteries, stickers, and yard signs - is $499. According to the company, this is a discount off of the original $699 price. It isn't cheap, either way. It is one of the most expensive equipment packages that are available in today's market. However, keep in mind, this is not an ordinary home security system.

The monthly monitoring fee charged by Deep Sentinel is $49. A one-year contract must be signed by users (if you pay upfront for an entire year you will be given a $100 generous discount). That is more expensive than the $39 per month plans offered by ADT, and much more expensive than SimpliSafe's $15 per month budget-friendly system. This is acknowledged by Deep Sentinel and they provide some very convincing reasons behind this difference in price.

On the Deep Sentinel website, they point out that companies such as SimpliSafe, Xfinity, Vivint, and ADT offer passive monitoring - which alerts either the police or you several minutes after a break-in occurs. They also point out that because there are sensors set-off the alarms, the monitoring center is unable to physically see what is taking place. The events can't be verified as being a crime in progress, which means that for the police they are a low priority.

They refer to home security leaders such as Vivint and ADT having a passive approach. However, those systems are still able to do the job well. Those companies include entryway sensors - which is a major feature of home security systems - that is conspicuously lacking in Deep Sentinel's system. Therefore, the value of Deep Sentinel depends on what you are searching for in a home security system.

So the questions you need to ask include: Do I need the advanced technology that Deep Sentinel provides to protect my house? If so, what amount of money am I able ad willing to pay for a predictive and proactive AI-based home security system? Be honest about it. Some people need and want to have the best technology available. We don't blame you if you are one of those people. Your money will be well spent if you invest in Deep Sentinel. After you have paid for the equipment, you will only be paying $1.65 per day for high-quality protection for your home.


Now you know all of the important details of Deep Sentinel. But here is a summary of the most important points.

The company was founded in 2016 ad provides a robust and comprehensive home surveillance system. Jeff Bezos, the world's richest man, financially backs the company up. It has truly shaken things up within the home security industry. That is due to the unique approach that it takes to protect your home. There are no windows or door sensors. Instead, an intelligent surveillance zone is placed around your home's perimeter to proactively prevent any criminals from coming too close.

Artificial Intelligence is used by Deep Sentinel to detect suspicious activity. Extensively-trained LiveSentinel agents then evaluate the situation, and if necessary, take action. That one-two punch - human intervention combined with AI - is what accounts for the fastest response times offered by Deep Sentinel (20 to 30 seconds, with the police considering 100% of the calls as being a high priority). It is very easy to use and install the Nextgen surveillance cameras. The one-screw DIY mounting can be up-and-running in just a few minutes. The companion app then provides you with complete control from that point on.

This system is not cheap, but you do get what you pay for if. If you are searching for a high-tech home security solution, and you are willing to pay a bit extra for it, then Deep Sentinel is a good option for protecting your family and home in 2020 and well beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy outdoor cameras from another company?
No. Deep Sentinel will provide you with its own brand, model, and make of outdoor cameras. You don’t need to buy a new camera. This makes it more convenient for you.

Do I need to install the cameras myself?
No. Deep Sentinel will do the work for you. Just get the service, set the installation date, and the company will send its installation specialists to your place. What’s more, installation only takes 30 minutes.

Do the cameras record and save everything?
The cameras do record and save. However, it’s important to note that it will only record and save videos when the AI instructs the system to do so. The AI can detect when something happens on the scene where it’s directed to monitor. This helps save precious storage space and makes it easier for you to navigate footage by not recording when idle.

By the way, you should know that the length of security camera recordings depends on the storage capacity of the device or cloud service and the video resolution of the recorded footage. The AI hub has 64GB of storage.

If the video recordings are set to high definition with sounds, 64GB is enough to cover a 24-hour recording. And, since the AI only records eventful footage, storage is optimally used and thus maximized.

Also, note that there are around 10-15 events per day in an average home. These events may only take a few minutes or could take up to an hour if something weird is going on within the premises.

Videos that are considered important will be stored for at least a year.

Do the cameras work without subscription?
The Deep Sentinel service system is the reason it’s effective. That system only works if you have the AI hub, cloud service, and live monitoring. The cameras alone can’t provide AI analysis. However, live sentinel guards can talk and deter package thieves and intruders, as well as call the police.

If you want Deep Sentinel’s camera and hub functions, you’ll need to avail of its subscription service for at least a year.

Does the company see my camera feeds?
Yes. That’s the core of the service. It’s like you’re outsourcing security without the hassle of actually hiring security personnel and paying a whole salary, which includes benefits and other employment perks.

Of course, the video feed in your cameras will only be seen by the ones who are on duty in monitoring your home. Also, the videos the camera records are not saved on the cloud. However, some of the footage gets temporarily saved in Deep Sentinel to allow security to review the recorded events within the day.

Does the service includes a doorbell camera?
No. However, Deep Sentinel’s camera can be installed at the front door and it’s much better than a regular doorbell camera. After all, once a person is detected on the camera’s view, the system will immediately record a footage.

Is the video feed hackable?
The data stream from the cameras and the hub are encrypted (SSL, SSH, and SHA256). This means that your camera feeds are safe from hacking.
From a security standpoint though, the only hacking vulnerability in the system is the end-user’s smartphone. If someone manages to acquire your phone and gains access to your app, then that’s the only time your camera feeds can be viewed by an unauthorized person.

Can a third-party firm monitor and view Deep Sentinel’s system?
No. They can’t.

Can you use Ring’s Home Security System with Deep Sentinel?
Yes, you can. But, do keep in mind that it’s going to be redundant, which isn’t actually a bad thing when it comes to security against intruders.

In fact, Ring’s water and fire sensors complement Deep Sentinel. Deep Sentinel deals with those who might have malicious intent, while Ring will help you protect your home against accidents.

Will the alarm function without the subscription?
The subscription is for the monitoring guards, which are the actual and most reliable alarm. Also remember that the cameras and hub will be disabled, too.

This basically means that the system will not be running at its full potential if you cancel your subscription. Nonetheless, Deep Sentinel gives a 30-day money-back guarantee for you to try out the system and know if it will work to your tastes.

On the other hand, if your contract with Deep Sentinel expires instead of you cancelling, the cameras and the hub will indeed remain functional.

How can you turn the alarm off without the code to prevent false alarms?
It’s best that you turn off the alarm if you expect guests or strangers at your home. If the alarm goes off and the system determines it’s a break-in, the police will be notified immediately to save time.

The alarm will not ask you for a code or call you to notify you. This makes Deep Sentinel and the police’s response time instantaneous.

What happens to the system if you’re no longer subscribed?
You will lose the live monitoring. The cameras and hub will still function.

How long is a contract with Deep Sentinel?
The initial contract is one year long (or a 12-month subscription).

Which is better: SimpliSafe or Deep Sentinel?
The funny thing about this comparison is that getting SimpliSafe isn’t simple. They say that they are cheaper, but they make it appear like that because each service and functionality are separated.

It’s true that it offers you with a wider range of customization. But, if you opt in for the same services as those from Deep Sentinel, you’ll find out that you’ll be paying the same rate.

With Deep Sentinel, everything is laid bare. You get what you want and what’s advertised. The price is also offered to you upfront.

Are there discounts from Deep Sentinel?
There is and it’s applied automatically. You’ll be paying a percentage of the system’s price upfront and the remaining cost of the equipment will be taken from the monthly fees.

Deep Sentinel only earns from live monitoring guards if a customer maintains a subscription after the initial 1-year contract. That means that the company provides the guard service free during the initial contract.
Aside from that, Deep Sentinel gives out discounts from time to time. Be sure to watch out for those.

Are there senior discounts?
As of this writing, there’s no senior discount. To be sure, however, check their website from time to time to know if it’s finally made available (or when it will made available).

How much does Deep Sentinel cost every month?
The cost varies depending on the package. It can range from $29 to $79.

How about the cost for a year?
The yearly cost can range from $348 to $948, depending on your chosen package. You might pay less if you find and get promos and discounts.

What’s the superior pick: Verisure or Deep Sentinel?
There are two things that Verisure have better than Deep Sentinel: seniority in the industry and international coverage.

Deep Sentinel can provide the same level of service despite those. Also, Deep Sentinel is a much cheaper choice and you can proceed to order a package online without dealing with aggressive sales reps.

Is Deep Sentinel a worthwhile investment?
If you believe that your home security’s worth the money, then yes. Regardless of that thought, with the money you’ll use for the service, you’ll get state-of-the-art equipment that you can’t get anywhere else.

Which is better: Ring or Deep Sentinel?
If you have the time to monitor your home by yourself, Ring is a better choice. Also, if you practically want to monitor or be notified if there’s fire or flooding in your home, Ring works well with that since Deep Sentinel doesn’t have features to deal with those types of events.

If you want a professional do it for you, then Deep Sentinel, without a doubt, is the best choice. The professional monitoring is ideal for people who want to live their day-to-day lives without worrying and staring at their CCTV feeds from their home—not to mention Deep Sentinel has the fastest response time among alarm security systems.

Can you rely on Deep Sentinel cameras?
Yes, you definitely can. They have wide view angle, crisp video footages, night vision, and long battery life. They’re also weatherproof and have a wireless range of approximately a hundred feet.

In tandem with Deep Sentinel’s AI hub, the cameras become ultra-sensitive sensors. It also optimizes the usage of the storage capacity of video recordings by only processing images and videos that actually matter.

Another impressive thing about the AI hub and the camera is that they learn and improve as time goes on. Moreover, as you surely know, camera sensor capabilities are mostly limited by hardware. But, through AI, specifically in the form of deep learning technology, these limitations can be circumvented.

Is Internet access needed for Deep Sentinel?
The only function that will work will be the recordings. You need the Internet to access the events on your phone or to let the guards monitor your cameras.

How about Wi-Fi: is it needed?
You need Wi-Fi, especially if you chose the wireless setup package. Also, it will be more convenient for your phone to access the recordings.

Does Deep Sentinel’s doorbell camera require a subscription?
Deep Sentinel doesn’t offer a doorbell camera. Instead, you can set up a Deep Sentinel camera on your front door. Do note, however, that the camera won’t work fully without a running subscription or if you cancelled your initial contract.

Can the AI hub and cameras use other sensors?
Deep Sentinel relies on their own sensors, which are designed to work optimally with their AI hub and live guards.

Are Deep Sentinel’s equipment compatible with third-party devices and competitors’ equipment?
Yes. You can use them in conjunction, but you can’t actually merge Deep Sentinel’s solutions with another company’s setup or system.

Does this company run a credit check?

Do you need to monitor the feeds regularly? Is constant monitoring required?
You can leave the monitoring to the professionals at Deep Sentinel.

Are the cameras wireless?
Yes, though it depends on your chosen package. If you need a wireless solution, you can opt for the wireless camera setup.

What is the maximum number of cameras that Deep Sentinel can use?
As of now, the maximum number of cameras being offered on any package is six. Even with Build Your Own, six is the maximum limit. Furthermore, there is no option to avail of individual cameras.

Visit their website here.

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