Home Alarm Systems

CHSHS Alarm Systems New Orleans Louisiana

involve a wide array of the most state of the art pieces of equipment on the market, reliably created by our professionals

The equipment included with our systems include:

This only scratches the surface of everything that we have to offer, and shows just how complete our security systems are for both your home and your business.

We watch out for smoke, fire, CO build up, intruders, and more. In other words, we want to make sure your family, home, and business are safe from all potential threats and we plan on providing you the system that can do it.

Experience You Can Count On

You will quickly find that we pride ourselves on our staff. We are experienced, skilled, and well-trained professionals who know how to tackle each and every single one of your security needs.

We don't rest on our laurels, either. We are always sending our security specialists for more training, learning about the newest pieces of equipment, and making sure we upgrade to keep you safe and always stay one step ahead of burglars and other criminals.

Our professionals are all licensed, certified, and insured and are here to give you the security you deserve.

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