About Our Alarm System Specialists

About Combined Security

CHSHS takes pride in being major leaders in the field of home security.

That goes well beyond decent locks and a sign claiming protection, but also includes reliable emergency response systems, home video surveillance, and much more.

In these dangerous times we are truly proud to provide services all across an ever growing area of America. If we're not in your city right now - we're almost certainly on our way there!

Unlike many other companies in our field, we make sure to oversee the construction and installation of our products from start to finish.

No cheap parts made in Asia, no call center in India relaying messages to authorities in your neighborhood. We take care of you and your security every single step of the way.

We believe in the American way and in keeping you and yours safe!

The key is to treat every customer like they are the most important one. We understand that there are no cookie cutter solutions to home security.

Every job and every situation is unique. We take a look at the area you need protected, figure out the special challenges the location creates, and then create a customized plan based off of that information.

That's how you know the plan will work for you!

The Best Equipment

Our equipment is always top of the line. From outstanding alarm systems that connect to panic rooms as well as off-site locations to remote control access to your home's lighting and automatic e-mail or text notifications of checks or activity at your house, when you're supposed to be away.

We make sure your alarm systems operate accurately, reliably, and get the job done every single time.

Visit us on Facebook / Youtube / Twitter or Call us today at: (504) 608-0423

CHSHS Combined Security, 4640 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans

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